Three Facilities Trends That Take Us Beyond COVID


| COVID-19, Facilities, Facilities Management

Facilities changes made during COVID are being taken to the next level as school prepare for the longer-term future.

As another school year draws to a close, thoughts naturally turn to summer and the ubiquitous facilities “to-do” list. Over the past two years, most independent schools have been in reactive mode, quickly adjusting and adapting the physical space to meet the changing needs and requirements resulting from the pandemic. Because we are now at a point where we can begin to think more proactively about facilities, we now have the space to consider not only those immediate tasks — the summer to-dos — but also longer-term changes in the way that independent schools think about their physical plant.

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The Stone House Group to Partner with Lehigh University


| COVID-19, ASHRAE Energy Audit

The Stone House Group is partnering with Lehigh University and Trust to develop Lehigh’s Climate Action Strategy.  Our team will conduct an ASHRAE Level 1.5 Energy Audit of thirty-four (34) campus facilities and provide technical consulting services through the Climate Action Planning process.  Trust will engage with the campus community to support Plan development.  The Climate Action Plan will outline strategies and tactics that provide potential paths for the University to achieve net carbon neutrality.  Carbon reduction targets will be developed in conjunction with campus working and advisory groups.  The Stone House Group’s staff will work with students in Lehigh’s Industrial Assessment Center to complete campus energy audits, providing an opportunity to make the campus a living laboratory.  

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Building Health and WELLness in a Post Pandemic World


| COVID-19, WELL rating system

Covid-19 has presented a number of obstacles in regaining normalcy and access to the majority of our built infrastructure.  As a result, sustainable building certifications have adapted to address the health and safety concerns associated with a post-pandemic environment.  In particular, International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has recently released a new WELL rating system to prioritize health and safety in a COVID-19 world – WELL Health-Safety Rating

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Hindsight Is 20/20 As We Navigate the Covid-19 Pandemic


| Changing Policy, COVID-19

The proverb “Hindsight is 20/20” brings new meaning in the year 2020 as we look back at the COVID-19 pandemic and as we transition into 2021.  The Stone House Group was no exception in terms of the adversity we faced particularly in our involvement with healthcare institutions.  

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Control Strategies for COVID-19 Risk Mitigation


| Energy Management, COVID-19

At this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, energy and facilities engineers are familiar with ASHRAE's guidelines for mitigating the risk of infection spread. These can be broken down as filtration, mitigation, and dilution. Dilution, or adding additional fresh air, is the best "bang for the buck", especially in facilities that feature a modern Building Automation System. There are a few different sequences of operation that can be implemented by your BAS contractor to dilute the air of recycled air in your facility.

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LEED Adapts to the Age of COVID-19


| commissioning, COVID-19, LEED

The US Green Building Council remains at the helm as a model of good practices, earlier this year releasing four pilot credits to target the spread of infectious disease. Collectively named the Safety First Pilot Credits, these credits could be pursued by projects pursuing LEED certification or used as a guideline for all others:

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