Every Campus Should Address Climate Risk


| Education, renewable energy, Climate Change

Institutions of higher education are, to use Robert Orr’s phrase, “in the crosshairs and at the crossroads” of polarized public debates. The crosshairs are easy to describe -- student debt, rising tuition, freedom of expression, racial tensions -- and the list is endless. But the crossroads are harder stories to tell, or even to predict. What kinds of changes are possible, and do institutions of higher learning possess the collective will to make them?

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IotaComm Announces Strategic Alliance with The Stone House Group


| Education, New Technology

Collaboration Bringing High-Value, Smart Building Services to the Education Market Throughout the U.S.

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Yes, You Can Teach and Assess Creativity!


| Education

Schools have always been known to conduct quantitative assessments to understand their student's grasp on the curriculum, while simultaneously pushing students to be creative. Assessing the qualitative aspects of creativity has always been challenging.

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