LEED Adapts to the Age of COVID-19


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The US Green Building Council remains at the helm as a model of good practices, earlier this year releasing four pilot credits to target the spread of infectious disease. Collectively named the Safety First Pilot Credits, these credits could be pursued by projects pursuing LEED certification or used as a guideline for all others:

  • INpc136: Re-Enter Your Workspace
  • INpc137: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Space
  • INpc138: Managing Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19 (LEED O+M: EB only)
  • INpc139: Building Water System Recommissioning

Additional LEED City credits apply (visit the USGBC's page for the complete list). Now, the USGBC has added guidance for their indoor air management process. Measures include a heightened focus on filtration and dilution as well as IAQ measures of relative humidity, CO and concentration of airborne particulate matter. Guidance follows the direction of the CDC and other industry experts, with data analytics by Arc (arcskoru.com).

The USGBC’s efforts for preparedness extend beyond COVID. The Council has partnered with the International WELL Building Institute to provide third-party certification support for projects pursuing WELL certification and, most recently, has expanded tools, partnerships, education opportunities and resources aimed at improving building resilience. This includes updates to a series of Resilient Design Pilot Credits:

  • IPpc98: Assessment and Planning for Resilience
  • IPpc99: Designing for Enhanced Resilience
  • IPpc100: Passive Survivability and Back-up Power During Disruptions.

These credits are available all new construction projects pursuing certification through LEED v4 or LEED v4.1. It appears likely that some iteration would be solidified in future LEED versions. Taken together, they confirm a clear mindset. Sustainability doesn't just mean creating a healthier environment. It also means
weathering the storms.

The Stone House Group remains available to provide solutions to your commissioning, LEED and COVID planning needs to the attainment of healthy air, pure water and peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about our COVID-19 services.