The Stone House Group Partners with Lehigh University to provide Climate Action Planning Services


| Sustainability

The Stone House Group is partnering with Lehigh University and Trust to develop Lehigh’s Climate Action Strategy. Our team will conduct an ASHRAE Level 1.5 Energy Audit of thirty-four (34) campus facilities and provide technical consulting services through the Climate Action Planning process. Trust will engage with the campus community to support Plan development. The Climate Action Plan will outline strategies and tactics that provide potential paths for the University to achieve net carbon neutrality. Carbon reduction targets will be developed in conjunction with campus working and advisory groups. The Stone House Group’s staff will work with students in Lehigh’s Industrial Assessment Center to complete campus energy audits, providing an opportunity to make the campus a living laboratory.

The Stone House Group can make your facilities effectively support your mission. We offer comprehensive, yet individualized facilities planning, management, and operation consulting. Our firm is named after the simple, sturdy structure in which we held our first company meeting; it represents the quality and integrity of the services we provide.

The Stone House Group offers a unique array of expertise and experience that provides clients with a variety of interrelated services that focus on the distinctive needs of not-for-profit organizations. The company employs about 20 associates and is based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with an additional office in Washington, DC. Since our founding in 1999, The Stone House Group has served more than 300 clients.

Our firm has conducted Climate Action Planning services for several independent schools, colleges, and universities, including The Hotchkiss School, Bates College, and Villanova University. Our team of experts are Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, Commissioning Authorities, LEED Accredited Professionals, and Renewable Energy Professionals. Is your institution seeking to develop its first climate action plan, or update its goals? Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.