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As Quarter 1 of 2024 closes, energy usage reports are highlighting why it is important for our clients to be informed about their energy consumption and procurement options. At The Stone House Group, we will empower your energy strategy using the latest insights to make the best choice for your facilities. As industry experts, we understand the challenges faced by diverse sectors, including education, finance, and governance, in managing energy needs efficiently. Let's delve into key updates and trends shaping the energy market for Quarter 1 of 2024, offering invaluable insights for your energy strategy.

Market Insights: Making Informed Decisions

  1. Staying Ahead: In the ever-evolving energy market, staying informed about market conditions is crucial for strategic procurement decisions.

  2. Abundant Resources: Natural Gas reserves and robust production continue to influence short-term market conditions, creating favorable procurement opportunities.

  3. Long-term Trends: Economic factors, global conditions, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) dynamics shape long-term price trends, necessitating strategic planning.

  4. Optimal Procurement Period: Historically, January to May presents an ideal window for energy procurement, with shorter-term contracts offering favorable pricing.

Energy Market Report Q1


Weather Outlook: Forecasting for Success

  • Significant Impact: Weather patterns significantly impact energy consumption and market dynamics, highlighting the importance of accurate forecasting.

  • Recent Trends: Recent weather patterns have led to a few cold patches in an overall warmer winter, impacting energy demand and the market.

  • Continued Outlook: The El Niño weather system is expected to maintain warmer temperatures throughout the remaining winter months of 2024, influencing energy consumption patterns.


Natural Gas Storage: Insights for Stability

  • Supply Dynamics: Monitoring Natural Gas storage levels provides insights into supply dynamics and market stability, crucial for informed procurement strategies.

  • Current Stability: As of January 26, 2024, working gas in storage remains stable within historical ranges, providing stability amidst market shifts.


Futures and Historical Analysis: Strategic Planning Tools

  • Valuable Insights: Historical data and futures market trends offer valuable insights for strategic procurement and risk management strategies.

  • Strategic Tools: NYMEX provides pricing data for managing Natural Gas supply and anticipating future rates.

  • Procurement Periods: Historical data indicates favorable procurement periods from January to May, aligning with strategic planning cycles.

  • Future Trends: Current futures market trends show escalated rates for 2025-2026, emphasizing the importance of forward-looking strategies.


Dry Natural Gas Production: Understanding Supply Dynamics

  • Industry Resilience: Record Natural Gas production in 2023 highlights industry resilience and growth, offering stability and supply availability.

  • Regional Contributions: Key regions like Appalachia, Permian, and Anadarko significantly contribute to increased production levels, shaping market dynamics.

  • Global Exporter: The U.S. continues as a global LNG exporter, with plans to double export capacity by 2027, impacting global energy markets.


Geopolitical Considerations: Navigating Global Dynamics

  • Impactful Events: Geopolitical events can have far-reaching impacts on energy markets, influencing prices, supply chains, and risk management strategies.

  • Middle East Dynamics: Escalating conflicts impact global shipping routes and LNG supplies, contributing to market volatility and upward price pressures.



Partnering for Success

The energy landscape reflects a delicate balance of market fundamentals, weather patterns, geopolitical dynamics, and production trends. At SHG, we are committed to helping you navigate these complexities and develop tailored strategies to optimize your energy resources and budgets effectively.

Take the next step in enhancing your energy strategy and learn more about our comprehensive energy management and consulting services. Contact us today to leverage our expertise and empower your organization's energy strategy for success.